Congratulations you are married, what happens next ?


Now that you are married it’s time to think about your wedding photographs.

Step one – If you went for the disc only option with your wedding or you ordered a disc with your album, drop me an email and ask me to post it. It’s best if you confirm the full postal address you want me to send it to and don’t forget to put the date of the wedding as a reference.  If you did not buy the disc don’t worry its not to late if you decide you now want it. Again email with the date of your wedding and I will let you know how to pay.

Step two Classic range only- As this album comes with just one photo per page its easy. Just email me a list of photographs you want in the album. Don’t forget you can still upgrade to get more photographs if you have too many favourites you want in your album.

Step three – For all other wedding packages. Your album will come with a set amount of photographs. This may be 50, 75, 100, or 125 depending on which package you went for. Now comes the hard part, you have to choose which photographs to go into your album. If you do find it to hard to narrow it down, don’t worry you can still upgrade to a package with more photographs. Just email want you want to do and I will let you know how much it will cost. Often it’s as little as £100 to go up to the next level.  Once you have your list you need to email it to me. It’s best to put a * next to your top 25-30%. This will help me when designing your album to know which are your favourites and to showcase them in the album.

Once the wedding album has been designed – Once it’s designed I will email you with a link to the album proofs, which I will place online. This is your chance to check the album layout and let me know of any changes you wish me to make.

How long will it take – Once you give me the go ahead to print your album it will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. One thing you may want to think about is where to have it delivered to. The couriers usually deliver Mon – Fri 9am - 5pm so often a work address or a parent or friend who is more likely to be in during the day is a good option.

One last thing - On average I photograph 50-60 weddings a year. Some weeks I get no album orders in other weeks I can get 5,6,7 or 8 in. If after emailing me you do not hear back from me in 7 days please send a chasing email. I do not see this as you hassling me, in fact it's great as it helps me keep track.  Don’t forget to put the date of the wedding on each and every email.