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Wedding PhotographyI have photographed around one thousand weddings in and around the Bristol area over the years. What I love about photographing weddings is that each and every one is different. No two weddings are the same, which helps to make my job as a wedding photographer so exciting. Around 80% of my weddings come from recommendations, which is great as I often get to meet up with couples whose weddings I have photographed in the past. I know booking a wedding photographer cannot be easy. If you arrange a meeting with me, I will explain how I work and the guarantees I put in place that ensure you end up with wonderful memories to last a lifetime. What areas do I cover? That’s easy - the UK. If you are just starting out in your search for a wedding photographer, you must have lots of questions. Have a look at my Q&A page for some answers to the questions you may have. If your are looking for other suppliers why not check out my recommendations
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