Working as a wedding photographer in and around Bristol, I often get asked questions about myself and how I work as a wedding photographer. Here are some of the more popular questions I often get asked.

Q.  How many years have you been working as a full-time professional photographer?

A.  After leaving school I joined the Armed Forces and served 12 years in the Army, leaving in 2000, to pursue my hobby and passion – photography.  I have now been photographing weddings and corporate events for 16 years, during which time I have photographed over 800 weddings in and around Bristol and across the UK.

Q. Do you offer any type of guarantee?

A. Yes.  If you book me to photograph your wedding, written within the contract is a 100% money back guarantee.

Q. Do you have complete weddings we can see?

A. Yes.  Once you decide you would like to meet up with me, I will show you a selection of complete wedding albums with a variety of different weddings within them, some taken in the summer and some in the winter months, to help show you the diversity of my work.  This can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Q. Do you charge per the hour?

A. All of my album packages come with a full days coverage.  I know most photographers charge per the hour but I find this method stops me telling the full story of the day.  How can I record your special day if I am only there for half of it?

Q. When will we get to view our wedding photographs?

A. Most photographers nowadays put photographs online, as do I.  This is a great way for both you and your family to recall or remember special moments from the day.  Although this is great, if you then realise there is a photograph missing, maybe you forgot to ask for it of you find a person was absent from a photograph for whatever reason, it’s too late.  There is another way.  If you book myself to photograph your wedding, during the meal I download and edit your photographs.  I then put a selection of around 250 of your wedding photographs onto my ipad for you to view at the end of your meal.  This is great for a number of reasons: (1) it shows you how confident I am as you get to see your photographs on the day; (2) you go away on honeymoon knowing you have stunning photographs; and thirdly and most importantly, you know you have all of the photographs and that all of the people are in the photographs that you wanted.  If there is anything or anyone that is missing, as it is still your wedding day, we can simply take another photograph. 

Q.  Do you have insurance?

A. All professional wedding photographers should have three types of insurance: equipment, liability and indemnity insurance, and in 13 years I have never had the necessity to make a claim.  My broker must over me!

Q. Do you use professional camera equipment to photograph weddings?

A. Yes, I use the latest camera equipment that allows me to photograph weddings in a creative way. I also carry back-up equipment in the unlikely event that anything should break.

Q. Do we have to provide you with food on the wedding day?

A. During your reception, I am busy editing and preparing your photographs for your slideshow.  Your day is expensive enough without paying for one extra meal.

Q. Do you photoshop the wedding photographs?

A. Since the introduction of digital cameras, there has been an influx of wedding photographs that shoot and burn.  What I mean by this is they photograph your wedding and simply put the photographs onto a disc.  This is not the way a professional photographer will work.  All photographs are downloaded, colour corrected, edited and, if necessary, airbrushed to enhance your photos and make them look as special as you remember you day.  Some photographs are also turned to black and white, and special filtered effects can also be added.

Q. Do you have other wedding photographers that work for you?

A. Wedding photography is a very personal thing.  When we meet, you are not only booking my work, you are booking myself to be with you for around eight to ten hours on the most special day of your life.  I know some photographers will take a booking for a £1,000 wedding and pay someone £200 to go and photograph it for them.  This is not the way I work.  When we meet, the quality of the work that I show you is the quality of the work you will receive and I can guarantee you this because it is myself who has taken all of the photographs on my website and in my wedding albums and it will be me that turns up to photograph your wedding.

Q. What if you are ill?

A. This is often the first question I get asked by couples.  I have never missed a wedding in the 16 years I have been working as a photographer. However I can not guarantee I will not have a car crash the week before your wedding (I do hope not). If for some reason I was too ill to attend your wedding my first port of call would be the large group of fellow professional wedding photographers who over the years, I have come to call my friends. If for some reason all of them were busy on your day which is unlikely I am a member of a closed Facebook group for British professional photographers. With around 1400 registered photographers every time a photographer is in the need of help, the number of professionals willing to help is overwhelming.  

Q. You have photographed over 800 weddings – are you not bored of them?

A. I can honestly say that in sixteen years, and for the 800 weddings, I have yet to come across two weddings that are the same.  I am a people person and working at weddings is such a joy for me.  They are so full of fun, how could I possibly get bored?  I now find it hard to imagine doing any other job.